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Certification of LED showcase

Daniel (Либерия, 22 august 2016)

We want to export to Russia our new product - LED showcase, can you help us to issue documents what we need?

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Certification of electronic devices for Russian martket

Omar (Other region, 3 august 2016)

Our company plans to export into Russia the electronic gadgets: smartphones, smart watches, laptops, tablet PCs.
What documents do we need to arrange for the customs clearence of the of these goods?

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The documents paint products

Bryan (Hamburg, 5 july 2016)

Hello. going to bring a different coating for wood and metal. You need customs to us to provide for the sale of goods on the territory of Russia. HS code 3209

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Declaration of conformity - products-various cosmetics

Zamir (Тайланд, 9 june 2016)

Hello. We need to carry the goods into the territory of Russia from Thailand. products-various cosmetics. what is required on the documents?

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FSB Notification

Entony Zulzermann (Berlin, 29 may 2016)

Good afternoon! We are interested in acquiring the FSB Notification for Wi-Fi transmitter. Coud you advise us the procedure and price matter in regard to our request! Your soonest answer is highly appreciated!

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registration certificate of Ministry of Health

Sam (Other region, 19 may 2016)

We want to import to Russia surgical gloves, can you make me an offer about the documents I need?

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CE marking for LEDs lamps and fictures

Alan (Esfahan, 15 april 2016)

Our company produces LED lamps and we are going entering EC market.
What kind of certificate we need to get?
Can you help us in certification process?

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Manufacturing chemical equipment-drying of potassium chloride

Richard (Seoul, 17 march 2016)

We are engaged in manufacturing chemical equipment-drying of potassium chloride. to bring will to the territory of Russia. what documents we will ask for the customs?

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Declaration for coffee and sugar

Said (Other region, 24 february 2016)

We are producers of whole coffee and sugar in Africa and we want to deliver our products to the territory of Russia.
Tell us, what is needed?
What documents?
Do we need to provide our products to assess the quality?

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Certification of suspended working platforms

Ben Al Alim (Other region, 3 february 2016)

Our company produces suspended working platforms for construction works on buildings.
We have a client in Russia, but now we need a certification.
Can you help us in this?

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Declaration for diesel generators Paris

shauwn (Paris, 13 january 2016)

Going to import from France diesel generators in Kazakhstan.
What documents are required at this site?

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Declaration for diesel generators

Shaun (Paris, 13 january 2016)

going to import from France diesel generators in Kazakhstan.
What documents are required at this site?

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Declaration of conformity for furniture

Abbudin (Marrakech, 16 december 2015)

I am a representative of a furniture manufacturer in Morocco. We are going to export an exclusive Moroccan furniture to Russian Federation.
Can you help us to issue all documents which are necessary for customs clearance and further distribution of our products? What additional information should
be provided to you to give us quote for certifications?

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Customs Union declatarion for fruits

Salim (Casablanca, 7 december 2015)

I represent a company: the major manufacturer of fruits.
We are going to deliver our goods to Russia.
I ask you to advise us what documents we needed for this?
Please describe the procedure for our cooperation with you.

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Declaration of conformity to technical Regulations of the Customs Union on diesel equipment

Pavel (Other region, 16 november 2015)

Want to import diesel equipment from China, in the form of systems. What documents we need to arrange for customs clearance?

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The certificate for the cable

Sue Khan (Other region, 6 november 2015)

We want to import cables of different tell me, what documents should we provide in Russia?
Thank you

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Declaration for fish and seafood

Doming Fernandesh (Маврикий, 23 october 2015)

Good afternoon!
We are going to export fish and seafood to Russia.
Can you help us to issue the certificate of conformity that we need to sell our products in RF?

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Declaration for air cooler exchenger

Alex (Seoul, 13 october 2015)

We need help to receive the declaration TR CU 010 for air cooler heat exchenger. Can I receive a quotation for this document? What documents are required to make it?

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Certificate in Russia for spices and seasonings

Samir Dalmiya (Раджастхан, 5 october 2015)

Dear sirs!
I represent the company from India, Rajasthan.
We make spices and seasonings to dishes.
Our company plans to begin export on the market of Russia.
What measures we for this purpose need to take?
We will be very grateful to you for consultation on Russian certification system.

Kind regards,
Samir Dalmiya

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Certification of wine

Alejandro (Cafayate, 24 december 2014)

Good afternoon

My name is Alejandro Molina. I would like to know if it is possible to get the certificate GOST R for the product we produce and export in Russia. We have plans to export red wine from Argentina, Cafayate, Bodega Vasija Secreta \"GataFlora\". What documents do we need to sell it?

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