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Production certification

Certification is an assessment of compliance of certain objects to requirements of state standards, Technical regulations, the international arrangements, standards of the enterprises (in the form of Specifications), to conditions of contracts or other regulations.  Goods, processes, works, services, systems, constructions and other subjects can be objects of certification.

No. 184 Federal Law “On technical regulation” provides various forms of confirmation of compliance: obligatory and voluntary. Voluntary certification can be made in any of certification systems which have demanded production or other objects.

The choice of a system is made by the applicant from more than hundred existing voluntary systems of certification in Russia. It is important that the system should have official registration in Rosstandart which is the principal federal organ carrying out function of state regulation in the considered sphere.

Voluntary certification and  Obligatory certification in system of GOST R

Obligation and voluntariness of certification depends on a type of object. There is an obligatory certification of goods or other types of production (including production of construction branch – the buildings and constructions). Obligatory compliances for confirmation in national system of certification types of products are specified in Technical regulations and Government resolutions (No. 982 of 01.12.2009).

All other objects of an assessment of compliance are objects of system of voluntary certification.  Moreover, on goods for which the obligatory certificate of conformity on goods or the declaration of conformity was received, the voluntary certificate of conformity in any other system of confirmation also can be issued.

For obtaining the voluntary certificate the candidate has to address in the certification authority having the Certificate of accreditation in chosen system of an assessment of compliance in the required area of certification. The declaration in voluntary systems isn’t made out, and its state registration isn’t possible.

Voluntary certification of production is carried out according to the same schemes of confirmation as obligatory certification. If it is a question of voluntary system of certification of GOST R, a form of the certificate of conformity is the same, as at obligatory confirmation. These documents differ in color of the form: at obligatory certification the yellow certificate is made out, at voluntary one it is blue.

Obligatory certification in system of GOST R provides confirmation of the characteristics of safety defined by the law (Resolution No. 982) and qualities of a product which are shown in state standards or separate points of normative documents.

At voluntary certification a candidate lists normative documents in the statement, on compliance which carrying out procedure is supposed, indicators and characteristics which the applicant wishes to confirm on the basis of independent tests are listed. Many competitors consider this fact as advantage of voluntary certification of goods and services before the obligatory.

Production marking by sign RST is made on goods which underwent compulsory or voluntary procedure of confirmation of compliance.  In the GOST R system at optional certification there is at marking an inscription “voluntary certification”.  This sign in many cases causes trust of the consumer to the presented goods.

At voluntary certification goods undergo procedure of certified tests by results of which test report formation is made. In the protocol the actual measurements of characteristics which are coordinated between the applicant and the certification body making procedure of confirmation are specified.

Unlike certification of goods only voluntary certification of services is possible. It in some spheres is voluntary obligatory. Where the system of assignment of categories of establishments or stardom of hotel, restaurant or other educations rendering services is applied, without existence of the voluntary certificate the statement from the competitor won’t be considered.

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