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Certificate of conformity to technical regulations

Certificate Of Conformity Requirements

In the territory of the Russian Federation the special form of the certificate confirming compliance of the various equipment and cars to technical regulations is established. For the products of this group made in Russia the compulsory procedure of certification upon termination of which to the producer the relevant document is issued, namely – the certificate of conformity to technical regulations is carried out. This certified procedure is necessary at primary realization of the equipment and cars in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The equipment and the cars being in operation or sent for export, aren’t subject to obligatory certification.

If the certificate of conformity of TR is issued till September 21, 2010 (that is before coming into effect of these technical regulations), term of its action lasts to the completion date specified in the document. Obligatory confirmation of compliance is subject to all requirements of TR (technical regulations) the equipment and the machine equipment entering into the established register of production.

Each producer or the seller of the equipment has the right to choose the most suitable scheme of procedure of certification from the appendix No. 2 of technical regulations.
To receive the certificate of conformity to technical regulations, it is necessary to provide to the authorized representative of certification authorities the following package of documents:

  • justification of operational safety of cars or equipment;
  • straight lines or indirect documentary certificates that this production conforms to the requirements established for it;
  • the certificates issued on the quality system;
  • the certificates issued on completing elements and materials;
  • test reports of completing knots and materials;
  • data on the carried out expertizes and technical researches;
  • demand for carrying out certification of compliance to technical regulations.

According to regulations “About safety of cars” and “On technical regulation” period of validity of the issued certificates of conformity of TR has restrictions:

  • on a resource (operation term) commodity parties and single products;
  • on the 5-year period for the equipment and the cars produced in lots.

Data on existence of the certificate of conformity to technical regulations join in accompanying documents and passports to cars and the equipment which has undergone procedure of certification without fail with successful results.

The address sign in the market is appropriated only to the equipment and cars which received documentary confirmation on compliance to technical regulations.

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