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 The Euro 5 Certificate 

Euro 4 Certificate

 Most cars emit some amount of substance as they travel on the road. The world is making great strides in making sure that the environment stays as clean as possible so as to ensure that every citizen has better health.

There may be nitrogen oxide, soot, carbon dioxide and various forms of hydrocarbon that may be emitted as a car runs.  Standards have been set in Russia to make certain that vehicle emissions do not go beyond certain levels. There exist standards named as Euro 2 through to Euro 5. Certificates for the corresponding standard are issued after inspection of a vehicle to determine where it falls. A vehicle is also assessed as to whether it has met all the technical regulations that govern the allowed level of emissions from automobile equipment. These certificates are proof that the vehicle is safe enough to use and will not cause any damage to the environment.

It is mandatory for a vehicle to get certification if it is being imported or if it is to be used or sold in Russian territory. Euro 2 was enforced in October 2005, Euro 3 was implemented on 1st January 2008 and Euro 4 on 1st January of 2010. The Euro 4 certificate has been the highest ecological certification standard until recently when the parameters were revised and Euro 5 came into play on 1st January of 2014.

Every car that was produced or imported after 2009 had to get a Euro 4 certificate to make sure that it was in line with the new rules. Euro 5 emission standards have been raised even higher and therefore vehicles will have to comply to be allowed on the road. All this is aimed at making sure that technology does not affect the ecology.  

What You Need to Obtain a Certificate

A certificate showing that you have met Euro 5 emission standards is provided by specific accredited bodies that are tasked with certification in the Russian Federation. The documentsrequired for this procedure include the following:

  • A request form
  • A genuine copy of the owner’s passport
  • A genuine copy of the vehicle’s passport
  • Power of attorney assured by a notary and it is used when obtaining a certificate

In the event that the certificate is being sought for a legal entity the requirements are a little different:

  • Individual tax number
  • Statement
  • A legitimate copy of the contract for acquisition of the vehicle
  • All documents required for an enterprise
  • A copy of the vehicle’s passport
  • The invoice obtained for acquisition of the vehicle
  • The document that certifies that the state number has been obtained

Where an old car is being certified you will have to attach a certificate that proves that your car has been re-equipped. Those that own cars that were released before 1997 have to submit a certificate showing the contents of their car exhaust fumes. This is obtained from a car service center. The documents confirm the right to inspect the car for any measure of dangerous or harmful substances. This way the environment remains safe for every occupant and the level of technology being implemented on automobile equipment continues to increase.  


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