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GOST certificate of conformity

GOST-R Certificate Of Conformity in Russia

 GOST-R certification system is Russian National regulation system that belongs to certification of products produced in the territory of Russia as well as certification of import products in order to get customs clearance procedures within import operations. Before Russian technical regulation in 2009 appeared, GOST certification was the only certification program.

The main goal of obtaining GOST certificate of conformity is to signify that goods, equipment or machinery meet all necessary requirements of safety and quality specified by law. According to Government decree №982 (published in December 2009), there is a list of product categories that is due to a mandatory certification. Some of the products are the following:


  • Accumulators and storage batteries;
  • Dishes units;
  • Cleaning products;
  • Fish products.

According to the Russian regulation, these product categories must have GOST declaration of conformity in order to signify compliance with the Russian standards.

Voluntary GOST certificate of conformity

Besides mandatory type of certification, there is voluntary GOST certificate of conformity as well. It formally proves that goods meet manufacturer’s standards, norms of technical requirements or receipt. Voluntary program may be applied to get additional competitive advantage at the Russian market. GOST certificate of conformity can also be an effective market tool for increasing sales.

Based on Russian law GOST certificate of conformity can be issued by certification bodies that are accredited by authorities only. PROGOST Company has the official accreditation for producing all types of certification programs. Overall, foreign manufacturer can be an applicant as well as a receiver of mandatory and voluntary GOST certificate of conformity. Validity of the certificate is specified by official contract terms. Certification papers can be issued for exact batch of goods or to the whole product range.

To apply for obligatory or voluntary GOST certificate of conformity you must provide information about the manufacturer (its full official name, address and contact information, requisite details) and all the technical documentation (assembly drawing, technical information and parameters, list of components or operation manuals). For additional information about GOST certificate of conformity please contact our offices.



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