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RoHS certification

Issue of certificates of RoHS is carried out according to the European directive RoHS accepted in 2006. The document was made for the purpose of specification of standards of the content of harmful substances in the special equipment, household appliances:

  • illuminants;
  • toys;
  • sports goods;
  • equipment for carrying out leisure;
  • To IT equipment;
  • to electronics, household appliances;
  • vending machines;
  • electric tools;

According to the Directive to realize specified production to the countries of the European union, it is possible only after passing of certification of RoHS. Procedure is that the equipment and goods are checked on the content of such substances:

  • lead;
  • polybromine biphenyl;
  • chrome VI valent;
  • cadmium;
  • diphenyl.

Certification is considered finished only in that case when it will be established that in checked production level of the substances stated above is in limits of established EU of norms.

After certification passing on production, successfully last check, marking – RoHS is put down.

Additional benefits for the Russian exporter, besides, that its production will be allowed on the EU market which includes 27 countries:

  • simplification of customs inspection;
  • obtaining the certificate of that quality of goods meets the international standards of safety that is important for its competitiveness;
  • simplification of procedure of export of goods to those developed countries which weren’t included into EU, but represent the perspective buyer.

Responsibility for implementation of requirements of the Directive

Responsibility for execution of conditions of the European Directive is born by the sales representative, the seller, the manufacturer, the distributor, the importer and the exporter of the specified equipment.

For non-compliance with requirements of the Directive of the specified participants of a chain "production-export-import" can make responsible, including criminal.

Control of implementation of requirements of the Directive

In the Directive there are no rigid requirements to control.  Compliance of production to the norms specified in the document has to be provided with carrying out measures, sufficient for implementation of this requirement.

Even after obtaining the certificate of RoHS the manufacturer and sellers of production are obliged to observe the safety rules stated in the Directive.

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