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The certificate for customs

Customs Service Certificate Russia

When importing to the country and export of commodity parties or materials the responsible persons accompanying freight, have to provide the corresponding certificate for customs. It is possible to carry a row to such status accepted in system of certification of forms. According to the Order No. 217 regulating an order of import in Russia of goods of obligatory certification, it is necessary to prepare the document on compliance of imported or taken-out production to these requirements. The list of the nomenclature concerning which obligatory certification is required is stated in technical regulations of the current action and the Government resolution No. 982 issued 01.12.09. When customs registration is carried out, the certificate is replaced sometimes by the compliance declaration.

Types of the the certificate for customs

Document regularly demanded at customs cleaning is the goods certificate of origin (ST-1 or A form). The certificate for the customs, issued in a form “A”, is necessary by production delivery from Russia to Canada, the United States of America, the country of the European commonwealth and some certain states. Existence of such document allows to use some customs privileges.
The certificate of origin issued in the ST-1 form is applied when exporting production to the states of the former CIS. When customs registration is conducted, the certificate of origin (original) remains at the owner of goods, and in customs the copy of the document certified by the notary is provided. It also will be in this case the certificate “for customs”.

The cargo customs declaration 

The cargo customs declaration is attached to this document also. Having on hands at least these two documents, the responsible person accompanying freight or being his owner, the seller, it is possible to receive the allowing sanction on import. Very important point is correctness of registration of the declaration and the certificate, and also authenticity of documents. Before giving out the official permission to export/import of commodity party, the staff of customs scrupulously checks documents on legality and faultless literacy of registration. It is possible to look visually on the Internet as the certificate for customs is made out, images of documents are on special sites.

When importing products of the vegetable nature the phytosanitary certificate is required. If into Russia import meat, meat semi-finished products, delicacies or products, goods of an animal origin, passing of procedure of veterinary control and obtaining the veterinary conclusion or the certificate for customs is necessary.

Document on commodity parties under the contract is prepared on firm recipient. Certificates affect limited party once and aren’t valid at the subsequent import.

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