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The certificate for import products

GOST R Certificate Of Conformity


Every country will need to have imports coming in since no country is self-sufficient and this reduces production costs to a great extent. It is imperative to maintain stringent regulations on the import sector so as to safeguard your market from becoming the dumping zone for substandard products.

In Russian territory a number of acts have been passed so as to ensure that imported products are taken through a myriad of tests to establish whether they meet all the quality standards stipulated.  Several certification schemes exist to this effect and the most widely used import certificate is the certificate of conformity Russia.

The products may have been produced in a foreign country but the manufacturer will need a contact person in Russia to get the certification done for them. The application has to originate from a Russian national.

Once the application for an import certificate has been made and the certificate of conformity Russia is obtained the importer can continue to use the certificate for one year to import an unspecified amount of goods provided they are similar to the type mentioned in the initial contract. A renewal is not necessary every time you have a consignment coming in provided it is within the year.

Items that require a GOST R certificate of conformity 

Goods from the following industries must have a GOST R certificate of conformity:

  • Mining and energy
  • Environmental protection
  • Oil and gas such as fittings
  • Construction for example heavy duty machines

Any kind of product that may pose a danger to the health of the human population or the environment is ideally subjected to checks so as to rule out any possibilities and ensure that every consumer remains safe.

Documents required for GOST R certificate of conformity 


  • The company’s registration documents
  • A hygiene certificate that should have been issued earlier
  • A proper description of the items being imported without omitting any details
  • A filled certification request form
  • The contract entered into
  •  PSRN
  • INN
  • The last sheet and the initial 3 sheets of the company’s charter
  • Details of the person doing the payments
  • An epidemiologic and sanitary conclusion of the products
  • A thorough description of the contents of the products being imported. This may require a sample from the manufacturer and the sample will be taken for testing at an accredited laboratory.

A manufacturer’s certificate of origin could be asked for if it occurs that the consignment of products being imported is very small (between 1 and 10 units). This is what will be used as proof of quality instead of taking samples for testing. You may also need to obtain a fire safety certificate but this will be dependent on the type of goods being imported.

Once all paperwork has been delivered and approved and the goods checked for quality, the GOST R certificate of conformity is awarded. This certificate is proof of quality and allows an importer to bring in their goods for the stipulated amount of time.


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