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The Certificate of Fire Safety

Fire Safety Certification

To a row of the goods made in the territory of the Russian Federation or imported from abroad, special demands for fire safety are made. On the basis of the federal law No. 123-FZ strong norms to which there has to correspond a certain commodity group are established. Governmental decrees No. No. 140 and 241 are the basis for definition of the list of the nomenclature which is subject to certification of fire safety of goods without fail.
The organizations issuing the certificate of fire safety after carrying out tests, receive these powers on the basis of certification by the Ministry of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief of the Russian Federation. Such specialized organization is, for example, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation.
How to issue the certificate of fire safety
Les:gislative rules established the list of documents which are filed to the certified bodies for obtaining the fire certificate on production of a certain specifics. This package include

  • authorized documents;
  • technical data sheets, schemes and other documents on production;
  • the statement for a request to carry out necessary tests for confirmation of fire safety of goods;
  • TU or GOST on party or goods type;
  • the reference from the statistical center;
  • INN, PSRN, the certificate on statement on the account in tax authorities, the certificate on firm state registration.

The submitted application is considered by the accredited certification authorities. After consideration of a question the relevant decision on carrying out tests on one of several schemes (depending on specifics of products) is made. The various order of carrying out tests is applied to production produced in lots, to limited commodity parties. In some cases inspection control and the analysis of a condition of production is necessary.
Inspection control is carried out if the certificate of fire safety is issued for the term of more than 12 months. It allows to confirm the level of production declared by earlier received fire certificate. Frequency of carrying out this action – isn’t more rare than 1 time a year. Check can carry both unplanned, and periodic character. If in the course of inspection control discrepancies of the declared data to production parameters come to light, the accredited bodies have the right to cancel the certificate, or to suspend its action.

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