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The Safety Certificate

The Safety Certificate

There is a huge group of goods, products, materials on which the supplier or the producer need the safety certificate. The Russian system of certification carries out procedures on check of compliance of goods to norms and safety rules for the framework of various systems of certification. In fact, everything without an exception allowing documents have the status of the certificate of safety. The scheme of carrying out tests and registration of issue of documents differs only.
It is possible to receive the safety certificate voluntary even if the commodity category isn’t included into the list of the products which are subject to obligatory certification. In the course of carrying out procedure estimated criteria of compliance to the Russian standards, and also the international requirements of standardization are used. Obligatory certification has distinctions in forms, cost, terms and lists of necessary documents depending on type of production and volume of commodity party, and also nature of production – serial or limited. Now about 20 effective systems of carrying out obligatory confirmation of compliance of goods and issue of the relevant allowing documents are accepted. Methods of carrying out estimated actions depend on a choice of system and the characteristic of object of technical regulation also.
Different factors have impact on life and health of the person, among which:

  • vehicles,
  • buildings and structures,
  • environment and atmosphere,
  • medicines,
  • drinking water,
  • food.

Procedure of carrying out obligatory confirmation of quality of goods allows to reduce risk of threat to human health to a minimum. Therefore in Russia many systems of certification work:

  • allowing documents of Rostekhnadzor,
  • ozone conclusions,
  • certification of medical products,
  • certification of fire safety,
  • GOST R certification,
  • expert opinions,
  • other systems.

Each of the established and developed systems promotes creation of optimum conditions under which danger level in a certain sphere of activity will be most lowered. The accredited and authorized bodies of issue of certificates are such structures as Roszdravnadzor, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Rostekhnadzor. Uniform sanitary and hygienic requirements of the Customs Union also are considered as the normative document. There is also a number of narrow departmental special systems of certification of specialized production and goods.

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