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Voluntary certification

Voluntary Certification

Voluntary certification is carried out for those types of goods, services and the equipment to which demand for obligatory confirmation of quality aren’t made.  Despite it, certification on a voluntary basis is considered officially the established procedure and is regulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

For whom the voluntary certification is important

The consumer is always interested in that production acquired by it conformed to standards, ahead of time didn’t demand repair and didn’t fail.  Procedure of voluntary certification also was developed for these purposes in Russia which a little than differs from the obligatory.

Certification is important for the consumer as the certificate irrespective of, it was formed on a voluntary or obligatory basis, is the direct testimony of quality of an acquired product or service.

Such form of confirmation of compliance as voluntary certification is, as a rule, carried out for three reasons:

  • on request of the buyer;
  • at the request of the producer;
  • at the request of the seller of goods.
  • Procedure of voluntary certification includes:
  • production test;
  • registration of the certificate of conformity.

If to check service or goods on compliance to a certain normative document (to state standard specification or specifications) it has to is impossible because of lack of obligatory examination, so confirmation of quality to be carried out on the basis of those safety requirements which will be declared by the producer or the supplier.

On compliance to state standard specification, specifications or technical regulations the selected product sample is checked.  Laboratory researches which confirm not only quality, but also compliance of goods to all requirements specified in normative documents are carried out.

By results of voluntary, as well as obligatory certification, the certificate is issued.  On appearance these two documents differ color – the certificate testifying to passing of obligatory examination, yellow color, and voluntary is  blue.

The certificate contains the list of production or the services which have taken place voluntary certification, the name of the company of the recipient.  Besides, in the certificate GOST R check on compliance with which there passed production is surely specified.

After registration of the voluntary certificate the mark of conformity can be put down on production packing.


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