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The declaration of Conformity in Russia

Federal Law “On Technical Regulation” defines the declaration of conformity as the document testifying the conformity of the production produced in the territory to requirements of existing Technical regulations. In practice the declaration in the system of GOST R can be issued both in confirmation of working TR of the Russian Federation, and in confirmation of execution of state standards, on goods for which there are no existing regulations.

The conformity declaration in Russia was entered for the first time by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “About certification of production and services” in 1998 the point which allowed declaring process as procedure of confirmation of compliance was formulated. The Government Regulation No. 766 of 07.07.1999 entered in Russia the system of declaring conformity.

The declaration of conformity became widely popular in Russia on the basis of acceptance of the Government Regulation No. 982 of 01.12.2009, including the considerable list of goods on which the requirement of registration of the declaration of conformity in GOST R system extends.

Such decision of the Government of the Russian Federation is called as liberalization or expansion of the rights and freedoms of rather separate types of goods. On the other hand: replacement of obligatory certification by obligatory declaring is a trend of the western system of an assessment of compliance or harmonization with existing order of confirmation of compliance practically worldwide.

The declaration of conformity in Russia is an obligatory form of confirmation of compliance to legislative requirements. Federal Law No. 184 doesn’t allow existence of the voluntary declaration of compliance. While in the majority of the countries voluntary declaring of safety and quality of goods is the main form of an assessment of compliance of many types of goods.

Procedure of obtaining the declaration of conformity in the Russian Federation includes the following stages:

  • filing of application in the certification body having accreditation in demanded area of certification;
  • giving of a certain set of documents (established by Technical regulations or No. 184 Federal Law) and the completed form of the declaration on compliance of GOST R;
  • attaching of product samples for carrying out tests if the declaring scheme with participation of thirds of the independent party (certified laboratory) in the absence of the test report in the accredited laboratory is chosen;
  • signing of the contract with certification body on the state registration of the declaration;
  • signing of the contract for carrying out tests with certified laboratory;
  • direct carrying out researches of characteristics of goods which are defined by Technical regulations or No. 982 software;
  • documentation and test report analysis (examination) by specialists of certification body and the expert, registration of the corresponding expert opinion (about compliance or discrepancy of goods to the declared requirements);
  • the state registration by certification body of the declaration on compliance in the Register;
  • issue of the document to the applicant.

Now the increasing distribution in Russia is gained by uniform declarations of compliance of the Customs Union. Such declaration has to be issued on goods which are included in the list of existing Technical regulations of the Customs Union on which these regulations demand production declaring on execution of safety requirements and the quality, established by TR of the CU. (When commissioning the next regulations of the CU, registration of national allowing certified documents stops).

Forms of documents of certification (the uniform certificate of conformity of CU TR  and the declaration on compliance of the CU TR) according to requirements of regulations of the Union were developed and approved by the Decision of KTS No. 563 of 02.03.2011. The description of standard schemes of declaring which are allowed by the CU legislation, are put into operation by the Solution of KTS No. 621 of April 7, 2011. Concrete forms of confirmation of compliance and the certification or declaring scheme for certain types of goods are formulated by the intended Technical regulations.

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