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Getting CE Certification

CE Declaration Of Conformity

 One of the certificates required to sell your products in the European Union is the CE certificate. It is a requirement so as to ensure that all the items that are sold in the European Union meet the strict standards encompassed in the European directives.

The CE declaration of conformity is mandatory for a long list of products. There are almost 20 types of products on that list including baby products, building materials, explosion-proof equipment, lifts, appliances used in the medical field, personal protective equipment and any other products that would present a danger to the environment, human health and those that may affect the quality of property.

There are set directives that govern the CE declaration of conformity for every single product and ensure that all products are of high quality. These directives ensure the safety of low voltage equipment, measuring instruments, toys, machinery and communication equipment. In the event that there are no specified directives for a product that is to be imported into the European Union, the directive to be used is 94/9/EC. This is a general directive that outlines product safety requirements as compared to the other directives which are usually more detailed.

Stages of acquiring CE declaration of conformity

Certification centre Rostest can assist you to obtain the CE declaration of conformity but we involve other parties. There are certain accredited institutions that we cooperate with to ensure that proper service quality is provided to all clients. This is how process is carried out:

  • The initial application containing general information on and purpose of the products should be submitted. This information is what will determine which standards to be used.These documents should be provided in English specifically for this type of product certification.
  • Samples of the products are then provided and they are tested in accredited labs and the results taken back to the certification centre.
  • The documents and results are studied by the specialists and if everything is in order the CE declaration of conformity is awarded.
  • The products should then be marked with the CE mark.
  • Production should be monitored at least once a year from then onwards.

The CE declaration of conformity is very important in the European Union and it is bound to improve business and increase sales for every business. It becomes much easier to expand a business after obtaining this certification.

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