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Declaration of compliance to technical regulations

Declaration of conformity

Difference between the certificate and the declaration of compliance to technical regulations that importers, sellers, the producers of production registered in the territory of Russia and having the status of the individual entrepreneur or the legal entity can receive the declaration. Objects of technical regulation – the equipment, structures, processes of design, the car, etc. Function of technical regulations – establishment and regulation of standards of safety for environmental protection, protection of life and health of citizens of the Russian Federation, safety of cars and the equipment. Compliance of object to all established standards and its safety for people are proved by the declaration of compliance to technical regulations.
Some categories of cars and the equipment don’t depend on action of technical regulations:

  • mobile trains;
  • sea and river automobiles;
  • equipment for the sphere of nuclear power;
  • medical equipment;
  • attractions;
  • flying and spacecrafts;
  • objects of a coverage of the uniform Russian Federation network;
  • motor transport;
  • military equipment and armed forces.

Obtaining the declaration of compliance is necessary for technical regulations on the following production:

  • fruit and vegetable juice;
  • fat-and-oil and dairy products;
  • mechanisms and cars;
  • milk;
  • processing equipment;
  • other regulations existing within the law.

The following data are included in a form of the declaration of compliance of TR:

  • validity period, acceptance date;
  • information on test reports, certificates on registration, expert opinions;
  • indications of requirements to production and names of regulations;
  • brand, type and product name, identification on the OKP and nomenclature of Goods Subject to Foreign
  • Trade codes;
  • data on the location of the producer and the organization of the applicant, and also about registration;
  • address of certification authority, its name, registration number and registration date.

Depending on the sphere of use of goods and its type additional certificates and documents, for example, testifying to the state registration or fire safety can be demanded. It is possible to make out the declaration of compliance of TR on concrete party of the same production or a type of goods. Requirements of technical regulations and standards according to the legislation are uniform.

Collected proofs of compliance to technical regulations need an expert assessment of their sufficiency.

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