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Declaration of fire safety

Declaration Of Fire Safety RussiaBuildings are constantly being constructed and are more often than not expected to be occupied by people. It is important that the occupants remain safe at all times and that is why a number of checks and tests have to be carried out on a building before it can be proclaimed as safe. One of the worst yet common occurrences that could happen is a fire. It can cause death and destruction of property worth millions of shillings.

To prevent the ravaging effects of a fire a few necessary steps have to be taken and the main task is that a fire safety assessment has to be carried out on every stipulated building. Once this assessment is passed the building owner is handed a Declaration of Fire Safety Russia as proof that the building has been built according to the proper standards and is safe for human inhabitation with regard to fire hazards.

Buildings that require declaration of Fire Safety Russia

  • Specialized institutions for the elderly and disabled persons
  • Educational institutions for pre-schoolers
  • Residential buildings of institutions meant for children and adults as well 

Exemptions from declaration

The following kinds of buildings do not have to go through the rigorous inspection to obtain a Fire safety declaration Russia.

  • Buildings that do not exceed two floors and whose total area is not more than 1500 square meters. These areas may not require sanitary zones with specific height restrictions and if they are required, they are probably not housing complex technical equipment, dangerous items or they are similar to other units previously constructed.
  • Buildings that are intended for occupation by only one family and their height does not exceed three floors.
  • Buildings that are comprised of a number of apartments but are split into smaller sections that may consist of only four blocks or less. Each block ideally contains apartments and other general rooms that have their individual entrances.

How the declaration of fire safety is issued

The Declaration of fire safety Russia can be issued directly for a whole building or on parts of it that require it. You may have specific rooms, building entrances or nearby buildings only being awarded a declaration instead of a whole facility. The person that is overseeing the process of obtaining the right paperwork for a building is required to follow up on the Fire safety declaration Russia.

A fire safety assessment must be carried out in advance so as to determine the risks you are likely to encounter if a fire broke out in the establishment. This is a prerequisite for obtaining a Fire safety declaration Russia. A warning system has to be established so as to let the occupants of the building know when a fire goes off. This is in a bid to reduce the amount of damage that a fire can cause.

It is worth noting that a fire safety assessment is not required if all the required documents for technical regulations and normative documents have been obtained. This is because these documents prove a building to be safe and where anassessmentis mandatory these documents will not be issued until fire safety is established.


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