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Ecological aspects of different enterprises certification and their production

One of irreplaceable factors when ensuring promotion of production in the Russian and world markets is documenting of its compliance to the approved international or national environmental standards, and respectively, obtaining the certificate of conformity to such standards.

To provide such confirmation or the so-called ecological certificate is a task of each producer of production interested in having successful business. Obtaining the certificate of conformity to environmental standards can give you very essential advantage, for example, when signing credit or investment agreements, and also with participation in tenders or the auction. The management of the enterprises seeking as much as possible to come nearer to compliance to environmental standards, should remember that a series of standards on ecology ISO 14000 developed by Technical committee of ISO /TK 207 “Management of environment”, at all isn’t limited to the widespread ISO 14001 standard. Except it, there are the environmental standards of ISO 14004 expanding and supplementing ISO 14001 which provide the additional manuals to use of its provisions and explain its aspects.

It is possible to call environmental standards of ISO 19011 the audit standards, regulating both the principles of carrying out ecological audit, and the management of its programs, establishing order of carrying out audit and degree of competence of persons which carry out it. Environmental standards of ISO 14031 help to carry out the most objective assessment of ecological productivity, assisting by a choice of suitable indicators of productivity. Standards of the ISO 14020 series define regulations on ecological marking and the order of self-declaring of compliance to ecological requirements, and also what ecological information is declared by the producer the let-out goods or provided services. Thanks to ISO 14040 rules and the principles of passing of researches of the life cycle which analysis gives information on how to reduce ecological impact of production on environment are regulated.

Environmental standards of ISO 14064, part 1-3 regulate process of control of level of the international greenhouse gases (GHG). The list of requirements for support of projects of reduction of emissions of such gases is established by them. Addition to this standard, defining requirements to accreditation of the bodies which are carrying out calculations of level of emissions of GHG, is ISO 14065.

Environmental standards of ISO 14063 considerably simplify the exchange of examples of ecological activity, and also help to establish connection with external interested parties. And one more standard – ISO 64 is a reference point at reflection of questions of ecological safety in standards on production. It is useful both to developers of standards, and developers and producers of production.

In spite of the fact that the ecological certificate is not included into number of the obligatory ones, obtaining the certificate of conformity to environmental standards gives the chance to confirm officially safety of your production at its use or at its realization. It guarantees that your goods conform to those requirements which define environmental standards.

Most of all obtaining the certificate of conformity to environmental standards is significant for the leading companies working in the sphere of production, semi-finished products and raw materials for the food industry: vegetable-processing enterprises, meat-processing plants, dairy plants. Documenting of purity and safety of your production from the point of view of ecology becomes result of analyses and the carried-out ecological certification of production of such enterprises. If your enterprise needs obtaining the certificate of conformity to environmental standards, specialists of the certified center “Statest” will provide you all necessary help in the matter – you just need to choose only environmental standards, on compliance with which your enterprise will be certified.

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