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Ecological certificate

Certificate Of Ecological SafetyFor the purpose of ensuring standard regulation of rational use of natural resources, their protection, the system of ecological standardization was developed.

The ecological certificate represents the document confirming safety of production, productions from the point of view of environmental protection.

Carrying out ecological certification is favorable to the enterprise for several reasons:

  • she in addition confirms quality of production;
  • information on ecological purity of production becomes open;
  • the rights of the consumer to production, safe for his health are completely observed.

For today receive the ecological certificate without fail and on a voluntary basis. Without fail receive the enterprise certificate which use ecologically harmful production technologies or the enterprises which work in defensive branch.

Making out the certificate voluntary, the enterprise receives a set of advantages in the market because the trust of the buyer and defines competitiveness of production.

Make out the certificate on production, on production and on real estate.

Ecological certification by exclusively accredited certification authorities and test laboratories is carried out.

What documents need to be submitted for obtaining the certificate?

The enterprise which is going to confirm officially ecological safety of the product, files such documents to certification body:

  • statement;
  • specifications;
  • technical documentation;
  • product certificate of conformity to state standard specification P;
  • the certificate confirming the state registration of the enterprise.

After obtaining the document the certification authority carries out production tests which results are fixed in the protocol. After that the ecological certificate is made out and issued. Data on it are brought in the Register of certificates.

After issue of the certificate the enterprise is subject to regular checks. If during check it is found out that production, a real estate object or production any more don’t conform to standards, the ecological certificate can withdraw.

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