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Ozone conclusion

Ozone Conclusion For Air ConditionersThe document representing the written permission for import in the Russian Federation to production which contains ozone-depleting substances is called as the ozone conclusion.  Similar permission gives out Federal nuclear, technological, ecological supervision agency – Rostekhnadzor.

The ozone conclusion is issued according to the requirements shown to the participating countries of the Montreal contract and the Vienna Convention. The Montreal protocol represents the first international treaty which signed for protection of an ozone layer of a planet. In 1987 the protocol was signed by the USSR, and Russia confirmed the successorship in 1991.

Production list, which import without registration of the ozone conclusion is impossible, contains in the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 563, accepted in 1996. The main groups of goods which are in the List are aerosols, the conditioners intended for use in the industrial and household purposes, refrigerators, refrigerators, figurative fire extinguishers, ice generators, thermal pumps.

Issue of the ozone conclusion is preceded by carrying out difficult procedure:

  • carrying out assessment of compliance of production to state standard specifications, registration of the corresponding certificates;
  • the state registration of goods which are imported on the territory of the Russian Federation – is carried out if necessary.

When carrying out certified procedures the selected product samples pass tests in independent laboratories accredited by Rosstandart or Rostekhnadzor. During tests production check on compliance to certain requirements of technical regulations, state standard specifications and other, established legislation of the Russian Federation to norms.

For registration of the ozone conclusion the following documents are filed:

  • the expert opinions containing characteristics of ozone-depleting substances which are in imported production;
  • letters from the manufacturer of production with the indication of names of coolants and the propellants applied on production;
  • contracts for production delivery;
  • technical documentation: Product specifications;
  • sanitary and epidemiologic conclusion;
  • production certificate of conformity to state standard specification Russian Federation;
  • the power of attorney on conclusion registration – in case will be engaged in registration of the ozone conclusion the third party.

The ozone conclusion for 12 months and only is issued for one lot of products which is imported on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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