Alejandro (Cafayate, 24 december 2014)

Good afternoon

My name is Alejandro Molina. I would like to know if it is possible to get the certificate GOST R for the product we produce and export in Russia. We have plans to export red wine from Argentina, Cafayate, Bodega Vasija Secreta “GataFlora”. What documents do we need to sell it?

Julia, +7 (961) 846-10-00,

Good afternoon, Alejandro

To export your product (wine) in Russia you need to get a Declaration of conformity acording to the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union. This document can be given only to the Russian company, so you need to have a Russian representative. To get the Declaration we need the following documents:
– founding documents (Russian office);
– contract with the manufacturer/supplier;
– the description of the product (range of goods, trademarks).

We would be glad to help you!