Salim (Casablanca, 7 december 2015)

I represent a company: the major manufacturer of fruits.
We are going to deliver our goods to Russia.
I ask you to advise us what documents we needed for this?
Please describe the procedure for our cooperation with you.

Anastasia, +7 (961) 846-10-00,

Thank you for your question!
For the import of fruits to Russian Federation you need to get only one document – a declaration of conformity with technical regulations of the Customs Union “On food safety”.
Yes of course you can get in our certification center!
Terms and condition are sent on your e-mail.
The important notice: for registration of a declaration under the Customs Union law you have to have a company- official representative in the Customs Union. We can also help with this!
I’ll describe you our work procedure:
1. Conclusion of contract.
2. Bill paying.
3. Collect the necessary documents, delivery of product samples (if necessary).
4. We send you the layout of the declaration for check and approval.
5. Print the original of declaration. After that we’ll send you a scan of ready document.
6. We deliver you the original of document (if applicable) and the accounting documents.