Entony Zulzermann (Berlin, 29 may 2016)

Good afternoon! We are interested in acquiring the FSB Notification for Wi-Fi transmitter. Coud you advise us the procedure and price matter in regard to our request! Your soonest answer is highly appreciated!

Anastasia, +371 67651374, riga@progost.com

We can help you to get the FSB Notification.
We will need the following documents from you:
1. Information about the characteristics of the cryptographic products: description of the technologies, cryptographic protocols, algorithms, key lengths.
2. Details of the manufacturer (with all the branches) and applicant: name, address, phone number and E-mail.
3. Legalized power of attorney from the producer to make actions on behalf of the producer in the Center for licensing and certification and state secret protection of FSB.

Details sent you by email.
Best regards,