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Development of specifications

Technical Specification DocumentThe Specifications is the document by which technical requirements for a concrete material, substances, a product or their groups are established. Develop specifications for creation of uniform requirements to production and control of its quality, ensuring its safety for health of consumers and environment, ensuring its competitiveness.

Specifications are made out according to the statement of the manufacturer of production or at the customer’s request.

The document is included in the package of technical or design documentation and if that isn’t present, in this case specifications include all complex of the demands made to processes of production of production. The requirements thus stated in S can’t contradict the requirements established by the state or international standards.

The maintenance of specifications, document structure, process of its development are regulated by state standard specification 2.114-95 entering into Uniform system of design documentation and state standard specification of GOST 51740.

Thus, specifications have to contain:

  • the prolog where the general data on the producer and goods move;
  • technical norms (this section contains the description of technical processes and features of production);
  • standards of safety (safety issues of production and labor protection on production here are stated);
  • environmental standards (basic provisions of environment protection are specified);
  • production acceptance procedures;
  • ways of quality control;
  • norms of storage, production transportation;
  • instructions to production use;
  • guarantees from the producer.

For registration of specifications the applicant submits the following information:

  • name of the producer;
  • Russian National Classifier of Businesses and Organizations code of the producer;
  • exact name of a product, indication of its types and modifications;
  • the classification code of a product appropriated to it according to the All-Russian qualifier.

Specifications coordination

Specifications after development are subject to coordination – with an inspection when the commission allows production on production, and, if necessary, with bodies of the state control.

If the decision on output is made without participation of an inspection, by S are coordinated with the customer (consumer).

Make out coordination by the signature of the head of the coordinating organization or the separate document – the minutes, the letter, the act, etc.

The record “It Is Coordinated with Remarks” is considered inadmissible.

Changes to specifications coordinate in the same order. If changes of specification don’t raise the questions entering into area of interests of the organizations, coordinating specification earlier, it is possible to be limited only to coordination of the customer (consumer).

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