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Expert Conclusion

Expert Conclusion

The document confirming sanitary and hygienic safety of production is an expert conclusion. It can be received in territorial offices of Rospotrebnadzor. This body supervises an observance of the consumer’s rights on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, till June, 2010 the document confirming hygienic safety was the sanitary and epidemic conclusion (abbreviated in Russian – SEZ).

At the moment the ancient documents (have been given out till 01.06.10) have no validity. Their owners have to replace SEZ with new forms of the hygienic certificate – the certificate on state registration or the expert conclusion.

Is This Obligatory or Voluntary Procedure?

Production which is included today into the nomenclature of the Decision of the Customs Union Commission № 289 dated 06/18/2010 has to undergo sanitary-epidemiological control procedures. The producer or the seller is obliged to receive the documentation confirming safety of this product.  For positions entering into the first section of the list the compliance to norms is confirmed by the expert conclusion which is given after the successfully passed tests. Positions from the second section of the list undergo procedure of state registration, and the applicant receives on hands the certificate on state registration (abbreviated in Russian – SGR).  The expert conclusion is the document which can be received on a voluntary basis while SGR is the obligatory document.

Documents needed to provide

For obtaining the expert conclusion it is necessary to provide the following documents in Federal agency:

  • details of the manufacturer and details of the appliciant;
  • contract or invoices,  requisites and contact information of the manufacturer (in case of certification is carried out by not manufacturer but by seller;
  • technical documentation on goods;

Expertise is carried out in the laboratory accredited by Rospotrebnadzor on the basis of the submitted demand.

In certain cases without documentary confirmation of epidemiological and hygienic safety of products further certification of goods is impossible, as well as its free realization in the territory of the Russian Federation and Custom Union countries. Also an obtaining of expert conclusion might improve competitive advantages of your products.

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