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FSB notification

FSB NotificationImport of cryptographic means to the territory of the Russian Federation according to the decision of the Euroasian economic council is possible only after obtaining the notification of FSB or the license of the Ministry of industrial trade.

The notification call the form, allowing to move cryptography tools through borders of the countries entering into the Customs union without registration of other allowing documents. Thus the notification allows movement of cryptography tools in any quantity, to any individual.

Form of the notification make out only once, only on one type of the cryptography tool.

What cryptography tools are subject to FSB notification

According to the approved List of the notification are subject:

  • means by means of which make information coding;
  • means of a digital digital signature;
  • the means intended for production of key documents;
  • cryptography hardware-software tools;
  • the cryptographic software intended for protection against false information.

Notification registration as well as licensing of Minpromtorg it isn’t required in such cases:

  • import of spare parts for repair;
  • import of the cryptography tools intended for examination or carrying out scientific researches;
  • temporary import of cryptography tools;
  • import of cryptography tools for personal needs;
  • in case of transit movement of production.

Order of registration of the notification

The producer of the cryptography tool, the person authorized by it or certification body – on the basis of the data submitted the producer can make out the notification only.

The sample of a form of the notification can be taken on information sites of FSB, the Customs union.

The producer or the physical/legal entity authorized by it fills a form is independent then registers it in FSB. For this purpose except a form of the notification such documents are filed:

  • requisites of the producer;
  • the power of attorney on notification registration – if is engaged in it not the producer;
  • copy of the charter of the enterprise;
  • notarized copies of registration documents of the enterprise;
  • technical specification, algorithms of the cryptographic devices which are subject to the notification.

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