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Permission of Rostekhnadzor

Industrial Safety CertificatePermission of Rostekhnadzor call the document by which compliance or discrepancy of the technical devices which are using on dangerous objects of production, to requirements of the standards regulating questions of industrial safety is established.

Why the  RTN permit is needed

Obtaining permission of Rostekhnadzor is obligatory for producers of the equipment intended for work at the enterprises with dangerous working conditions.

Operation of the specified equipment without the permission is impossible. If the producer, contrary to legislation requirements, uses the equipment without the permission, penalties will be imposed on it.

It is necessary to get permission for the equipment of domestic and foreign production.

Types of the equipment for which the producer has to get permission of Rostekhnadzor, are established by Rostekhnadzor order of 29.02.2008 No. 112.

Thus, it is necessary to get permission for lifting constructions, the petrochemical, mining equipment, such that works under a high pressure, etc.

The legislation of the Russian Federation established also service regulations of such equipment – No. 1540 Resolution Russian Federation of 25.12.98.

How to obtain the permission of Rostekhnadzor

Procedure of obtaining permission is regulated by the Federal law No. 116 of 21.07.97 in which basic provisions of industrial safety of dangerous objects of production appointment are stated.

For obtaining permission it is necessary:

  • to file documents to Rostekhnadzor department – in its central or territorial office;
  • to provide a sample of the equipment for acceptance tests;
  • to undergo procedure of examination of industrial safety. If by results of examination the affirmative answer is received, the corresponding conclusion is issued.

The list of documents which need to be submitted to Rostekhnadzor office:

  • statement;
  • data on the manufacturer or supplier of the equipment;
  • equipment technical data sheet;
  • the certificate of conformity – for those devices which according to the legislation are subject to obligatory certification.

Permission of Rostekhnadzor is given for service life of the equipment or for other term, but it is no more than five years.

They give out permission on the form of blue color. Data which permission of Rostekhnadzor contains:

  • document number;
  • device name;
  • OKP or nomenclature of Goods Subject to Foreign Trade code;
  • name of the enterprise, country manufacturer;
  • basis for issue of the document;
  • conditions of use of permission;
  • period of validity of the document.

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