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Registration of specifications

Technical Conditions RegistrationSpecifications of production is a normative and technical document which contains data on the production technology, structure of production, the requirement to its storage, transportation.

After development and coordination specifications are subject to federal registration in the organizations of Gosstandart and other federal departments. Except record in the Register, the catalog leaf is made out. The organizations which passed accreditation in the Federal agency supervising questions of technical regulation can register specifications only.

Unlike that development of specifications is a compulsory procedure for producers on which production state standard specifications aren’t developed, specifications registration not for all is obligatory.

Production list, which specifications are subject to obligatory registration:

  • chemical production;
  • pharmaceutical production;
  • cosmetic production;
  • food products.

 Thus producers of production, which specifications aren’t subject to registration, can carry out this procedure on a voluntary basis. Advantages are obvious – thus it is possible to protect the intellectual property and, besides, existence of registered specifications gives the chance to pass production certification easier.

Registration in territorial regional offices of the organizations stated above being in the location of production for which are developed and coordinated by specifications is carried out.

Before by specifications will be registered, they pass state examination.

Number which is assigned to specifications after registration, consists of figures:

  • code of group of product range by OKP;
  • registration number which appropriated specification the developer;
  • organization developer code according to Russian National Classifier of Businesses and Organizations;
  • two last figures of year in which passes the approval of the document.

 On the title page of specifications, a catalog leaf at registration the mark of the organization registrar and the special press is put.

Those who is going to carry out voluntary registration, should know that after registration it is impossible to make changes to GOST. In need of change in this case are developed in the form of the separate document as annexes to specifications, and are subject to registration in the same organization where earlier were registered by specifications.

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