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Technological instruction

Technical InstructionsThe Technological Instruction (TI) is a component of specifications, the document which contains the main information concerning production.

The technical instruction is developed and approved in at one time with specifications.

TU consist of a set of requirements to technological process, raw materials, the semi-finished products, finished goods, and the technological instruction contains a complete description of production.

Development and registration of the technological instruction is regulated by state standard specifications from a series 34, entering into Uniform system of design documentation.

Develop the technological instruction for one operation of technological production or several operations. The standard TI developed as industry standards are in most cases used.

For each operation technical instructions have to contain:

  • order of performance of technological operation;
  • purpose of performance of operation;
  • conditions which are necessary for performance of technological operation.

For descriptive reasons illustrations, drawings can be applied to the technical instruction.

Sections which according to the approved standards are included by the technical instruction:

  • indication of a scope of the instruction: includes transfer of types of production, the list of the enterprises to which the right of production, its transportations and realization is provided;
  • production characteristic, its description;
  • characteristic of raw materials, accessories and materials, requirement to them:  in this section surely it is necessary to specify normative documents according to which compliance of raw materials to requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation is checked;
  • description of technological process: sequence of operations, parameters of technological modes (humidity, process duration, temperature, etc.), ways of transportation, storage of products and raw materials in production shops;
  • requirements to the equipment;
  • ways of control of production and quality of production;
  • environmental protection and work safety requirements;
  • sanitary and hygienic requirements to production, personnel, equipment: in this section requirements to an order of sanitary processing of the production equipment, rooms are specified.

The technical instruction for production which is made for release in the address in the territory of the Russian Federation, is formed in Russian, and for production intended for export – on Russian and foreign  languages.


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