Certification and declaring in Russia

Quality checks have to be conducted as often as possible in every business venture as an assurance that the products are always at the required level of quality. Trade in Russia is no different and the process is even taken a step further. Quality checks come with actual certification. This document is essentially what is used as proof of quality.

Declaration and certification are the main certification systems used to certify quality and ensure that safe production methods are used for all the goods that get into the Russian market. These can either be voluntary or mandatory but this will be determined by the products in question. Voluntary certification is what is termed as declaration. Certification in Russia is carried out by accredited institutions.

GOST certificate Russia is the most prevalent scheme for certification in Russia. This scheme is used as an avenue to deal with all the regular problems that may come up during production. Items that may pose a great danger to the environment or human health are taken through a rigorous string of tests for them to be pronounced safe for the Russian market. A list of specific items is given and if a product appears on this list as among the items that require mandatory certification according to the Customs Union standards, the Customs Union certificate must be awarded first before a GOST certificate Russia can be awarded.

Just like the GOST certificate Russia, obtaining the Customs Union certificate begins with handing over the relevant documents related to the company doing the manufacturing as well as documents pertaining to the product itself. The process goes a step further and the manufacturing plant is inspected together with the actual production process and product samples are sent to an accredited laboratory for testing. The results will then determine whether certification will be awarded or not.

Documents required for GOST-R certification

  • Details about the manufacturer
  • A detailed description of the products requiring certification
  • A certification request form duly filled
  • A product sample may also be required

GOST R certification is the internal certification system adopted in Russia but it covers a wide array of products. The Customs Union certificate covers goods from the neighboring countries as well and this means it somehow covers a greater scope. This does not mean that one carries more weight than the other.

Getting GOST R certification is important for your business because the authorities in Russia will not interfere with your business operations once they are sure that you are supplying quality products. This raises your company and product profile thus ensuring that it remains as a great competitor in the market. Consumers also gain more faith in your brand and this solidifies your presence in the market thus increasing your revenue and eventually profits increase as well.

Any other business partners you may have will have more faith in your work and this will create more opportunities for your business. Your company will be better placed to ask for business financing and creditors will be more open to working with you. This makes running of your business much smoother.

When you are ready to begin placing your products on the Russian market, find the right people to help you with the process. Registered agents will help you through this process and they will make certain that everything is in order for your business. 


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