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Certification and declaring in Russia

Without qualitative production stable development of business has always been impossible. But the today’s reality dictates new rules: without the document confirming quality of production, even promotion of ideal goods becomes almost impossible.

For confirmation of quality and safety of production in Russia certification and declaring the two procedures directed at check of compliance to production, services, various systems of management to existing Russian and international standards are carried out:  To state standard specifications, technical regulations, ISO system standards also we designate.

The obligatory or voluntary certification (declaring) is passed by residents and the nonresidents of the Russian Federation planning release of the production on the territory of Russia.

Certification according to the rules established by the Federal Law No. 184 “On technical regulation”, the certification authorities which have passed accreditation in Federal Accreditation Service – specialized Federal service is carried out.

In the course of certification and declaring constituent and technical documentation of the enterprise is checked, its production is tested, the activity analysis is carried out, the control system of quality is tested.

Much attention in the Russian Federation is paid also to fire safety. The enterprises, whose production are in lists of the Regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 241 of 17.03.09, pass the check of compliance to requirements of fire safety.

The result of successful passing of multi-stage procedure of certification or declaring of quality of production and safety of productions is obtaining the certificate or the compliance declaration:  certificate or declaration state standard specification, certificate or declaration of the Customs Union, declaration of fire safety.

Positive sides of passing of procedure of certification/declaring and obtaining the permissive document are obvious: the business horizons extend considerably; production becomes more interesting in the opinion of consumers, creditors, investors. Besides, services of the state supervision of the Russian Federation trust those enterprises which certified the production.

You can study various certificates and quality and safety declarations, order of their receiving on the site.

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